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Hello, I'm your coach!

Ina Visich, Certified Business and Life Coach, founded Thrive with Ina with the intention of setting an example of what is possible. Ina has been owning and operating  multiple businesses for over a decade, and found that sharing her personal and professional experiences has already been helping so many individuals around her. Because of this, Life and Business coaching came natural to Ina. As a first generation immigrant to the US from former USSR, at 18 years old she found herself in a foreign country with little to nothing to her name, no family, no language knowledge. Yet, fast forward to 2023, Ina is continuing to operate, grow and open up new businesses, also while helping individuals all over the world do the same. 

Besides several certifications to support her business endeavors, Ina also holds an MBA in HR from LI University of Brooklyn. 

Here’s a list of other companies founded and co-founded and operated by Ina:

Thrive with Ina

Solntse Hot Yoga



Inhales Wellness

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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